COR Audits

Consultant Auditor for the Alberta Construction Safety Association and Alberta Motor Transport Association. I am able to assist companies with certification (external) and maintenance (internal) audits. Additionally, I can also assist with COR Maintenance action plans, preparing small employer (SECOR) submissions and Temporary Letter of Certifications (TLC).

2021 COR Audit Options


Two options are available for COR Certifications in 2021These audits will be conducted remotely. Documentation can be exchanged electronically or hard records can be exchanged. Interviews will be conducted online using video chat services (ie. Zoom). Both auditing options will be eligible for PIR refunds in 2021. 


Documentation Only Audits - 1 Year COR Certificate -  (minimum three months documentation)

Documentation and Interview Only Audits - 3 Year COR Certificate - (minimum six months documentation)

It is important to maintain COR certifications annually to ensure all WCB Incentives are maintained, eligibility for Internal Maintenance Options through their certifying partner are available and for contract bidding purposes.


Program Building

Are you a new company, or a company looking to ​establish a health and safety management program for your employees? I can provide different options of health and safety programs suited to your specific needs. I have helped evaluate, build and update health and safety programs for thousands of companies and I have the resources to meet your needs. 

This can be completely remotely, with information exchanged via phone, email and data sharing services online.


Gap Analysis

Do you have a health and safety program in use that may be outdated or requires modification based on new legislated or certifying partner audit tool requirements? I can help identify deficiencies, prepare an action plan, and help you fill the gaps. This is a proactive approach to ensuring you have a successful audit and safety system.

These can all be completely remotely, with information exchanged via phone, email and data sharing services online.



I can help build and update your program to ensure it is compliant with your certifying partners audit instrument. I can identify a schedule to ensure the implementation of the health and safety program, and ensure you have the required records for a SECOR submission. These can all be completely remotely, with information exchanged via phone, email and data sharing services online.

Additionally, I can build or fill the gaps of an existing health and safety program to ensure you are compliant upon submission to the certifying partner when applying for a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC).

TLC's are used when the company does not yet have operating records using the company's health and safety program. This is a great option for newly established health and safety programs.

Proposal - Available for All Services

Please feel free to reach out regarding any of the noted services. I am happy to personalize any service to ensure it meets your needs.

Following initial contact, I will reach out to you to learn more about your company operations. Once I receive a better idea of the services you require or the scope of the audit, I will prepare you a personalized proposal for services. The proposal will include the proposed dates, a schedule of events and estimated cost.


Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

​Tel: (780) 814-8345​